Bad days better - a Constance blog post

Anyone who says self-publishing is easy is doing it wrong.

The easiest thing about writing a book is, well - writing a book. It’s all uphill from there. Revisions and editing are work. Then you finish and you think, “Finally! We can publish!”

Then the real work begins…

I am not going to even attempt to comment on what’s next when you work with a publisher. I’ve read other people’s advice, opinions and anecdotes and my intention here is not to knock people who publish in the ‘traditional’ way at all. I can only comment on our own experiences.

In Dreams

Dreams have always fascinated me, even when they were terrifying me. In fact, my very first ‘book’ was based on a reoccurring nightmare of mine. Okay, fine – I was five, and the dream was that a wolf was stalking me around our school playground throwing custard pies at me. At that age, it was the single most terrifying experience of my life, and in what became my typical approach to things that terrify me, I wrote a book about it. In crayon. With pictures. And tied it together with string.

The Road

It's been a long road, but the end is finally in sight. Or, at least, the end of this stage. I know what it actually is is just the beginning.

The Dreamwalker is almost ready to go. As I write this, we have the final edits done. Our editor has signed off on it, we've done the final checks - all that remains now is to format the manuscript for publishing. We are almost there.

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