The Road

It's been a long road, but the end is finally in sight. Or, at least, the end of this stage. I know what it actually is is just the beginning.

The Dreamwalker is almost ready to go. As I write this, we have the final edits done. Our editor has signed off on it, we've done the final checks - all that remains now is to format the manuscript for publishing. We are almost there.

It has been a very long road, and not always smooth along the way. Lillian and I were talking today about the start. Trying to remember exactly where this began. Who first suggested that, having written together for so many years, that we go forward to publish something together. In the end, we both said it had been from the other. All that we can say for sure was that there was no one 'eureka!' moment. Just a series of little steps, one after another until we realised that these weren't just castles in the sky. We realised that we could do this.

So many people have helped us long the way. One day we hope to be able to properly thank them all. We certainly couldn't have got this far without so much love, help and support. We definitely hope that all those people are willing to be there in the future. To be there as we take our first steps on the next part of the road.

The Dreamwalker has been written. Now we have to release it into the world, and hope that it will fly.

Here's to following that road, and seeing where it leads us.

Hope you're with us on the journey.