Bad days better - a Constance blog post

Anyone who says self-publishing is easy is doing it wrong.

The easiest thing about writing a book is, well - writing a book. It’s all uphill from there. Revisions and editing are work. Then you finish and you think, “Finally! We can publish!”

Then the real work begins…

I am not going to even attempt to comment on what’s next when you work with a publisher. I’ve read other people’s advice, opinions and anecdotes and my intention here is not to knock people who publish in the ‘traditional’ way at all. I can only comment on our own experiences.

Over lunch today, my husband turned to me and asked whether, after we have published our second novel, we intend to look for some kind of publishing deal. I didn’t have an answer for him, as it’s not actually something I had ever really thought about in that great detail. I don’t know if it would be something Lillian and I would want.

I do, however, know why he asked the question. He is very aware of all the hours and days Lillian and I put into marketing and promotion. The research, the strategy meetings, the - let’s admit it - trial and error tactics. Neither of us have any marketing experience, and our budget is woefully small. I can understand why he would look at the idea of having professionals to take care of that as a plan with merit.

Trial and error is frustrating. Not knowing what exactly will garner the results you want - and what will just be throwing money away. Even when it’s not about money, what is simply a waste of time which could be better spent on writing and editing.

Then, just as you’re having a bad day. Just as it all seems like you’re screaming in the middle of a hurricane and nobody is listening anyway…

Just at that moment, you get another 5 star review. You get another comment saying that someone can’t wait for the next book to come out.

And, suddenly - it all seems worthwhile.

There is nothing in life more beautiful than a review. Bless you, people who leave them.